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Helmet Usage

TexasHelmets.com Helmet Usage Policy

Personal Use
Feel free to use the helmet images for your own personal, non-commercial use. Examples of personal use would be on your desktop, in a PowerPoint slide deck, a team playbook, or as a personal profile avatar on a message board or on social media sites such as twitter or facebook.

Display of Helmets
All helmets depicted on TexasHelmets.com are considered as the property of the schools, athletic departments and teams they represent. The helmets are the identity of the schools and the teams themselves. In some cases, the logos and images used on the helmets are copyrighted and trademarked by the school and teams. In most cases, we work directly with the schools, coaches and booster clubs to ensure accuracy. Also, we do recognize that some helmets are not 100% accurate and will strive to make the helmets as close as possible when it is depicted on the site and on our social media sites.

Usage of Helmets
If you are a media outlet, website or any organization using the helmets depicted on TexasHelmets.com, we would like to hear from you and would like to include your link and organization below. Please Contact us with your information and we will gladly add you.