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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

When it comes to football and Texas, the evolution has always remained the same. The pride, passion and energy that the state of Texas has for the sport has never changed and has always been at the highest of quality. Texas and its football atmosphere is widely known not just on a regional scale or a national scale, but globally.

Another thing that is most recognizable about Texas, football and all of the fan fare, is the image that it presents. In the past, we had a solid resource in, which ran for seven years by Matthew Davenport. The job he did was a thankless one and it was remarkable. is aiming to replicate that and pay homage to the past, usher it into the future and present a showcase of what the many teams and communities are about. is dedicated to those that sacrifice themselves on the gridiron week in, week out. As we launch, we do realize that the site for the most part is incomplete. In all fairness, we are just getting our feet wet and even we got every helmet posted, it will never be complete. Each and every year, there are new helmets that come out of the wood works and teams will search for new identities.

As we launch the site, the Class 6A helmets are for the most part posted for its 2015 seasonal update. See the image below for an update on the helmets that are complete:


In the coming months, we will be adding various features to our helmets to help make your experience an easier and  exciting one. If you have a helmet you’d like to add or update, feel free to click our Add/Update link at the top of each page. A helmet that has not not added to our pages will be seen with this image:

Feel free to take a look around and enjoy the ride!

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TexasHelmets,com – Owner

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